Paris on a Budget

Paris is an incredibly expensive city and being one of Europe's fashion capitals and surely one of its most iconic cities; that was always going to be expected. I would not let that discourage any backpacker from visiting here though as Paris does have excellent amenities for anyone looking to see this city on a... Continue Reading →

My South American Journey

An in depth guide to my South American adventure. Me and some friends spent 7 weeks travelling from the Falkland Islands to Colombia. Crossing through Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecudaor mainly by coach. Click here to see a coverage of costs, activities and transportation in Latin America

Money Saving Tips For Las Vegas

From my experience in the 'city of sin'; I actually found it quite affordable. However in saying that, Vegas gets the title of sin because of its luring extravagant lifestyle (always associate extravagant with expensive). Here are some tips I learned to help the honest backpacker budget themself; Public Transport I found buses here to... Continue Reading →

Travel With No Money

Yes you read that right. Travel is NOT for the elite, you can travel on a shoestring and sometimes even with nothing. Click the link to soothe your curiosity.

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