I made the huge mistake of only seeing Oslo when I visited Norway, and I will definitely go back again. Oslo is a quiet, small city and while it does introduce you to the lovely Norwegians, the city itself doesn’t grasp you in any way. Don’t get me wrong it’s an incredibly clean, efficient metropolitan hub, but there is nothing here for tourists as such. Also its just too expensive for the average backpacker.

If you are going to Oslo, I would be more inclined to advise someone to use it as a gateway into Bergen etc and spend 2 days maximum in Oslo itself. Asides from the Viking ships and Opera house, there is not a lot to see here. There is only so much time you can spend walking the waterfront before it becomes all too familiar.

I’m giving Oslo a bad write-up, but if you seen it along your travels in Norway you could probably see it in a different light than me, who visited as a sole destination.


Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★☆☆☆
Recommended Days: 2


Oslofjord – Viking Ship Museum

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