My favourite destination in Germany, even though I only spent 24 hours here. It was everything I expected from my expectations. Due to Munich ‘surviving’ the War, the history and architecture largely remain unlike Berlin. The Bavarian buildings are incredibly detailed and the town square is comparable to other European fairytale cities like Prague.

Wile Munich does lack the young cool vibe of Berlin, it more than makes up for it with its natural beauty. The natural landscape, buildings and gardens make for excellent photographs and memories.

Munich is famous throughout the world for the Oktoberfest (beer festival) although don’t just think of these beer halls when you visit. Regardless of my absolute obsession with them.


Munich is not as budget friendly for backpackers as other German destinations but it is not too extravagant either. Here is a list of average exposes here:

  • Hostel Dorm: €15 EUR and up
  • Food: Restaurant meal €15 EUR
  • Transportation: €8.50 EUR for a day pass

A great way top save some cash is to look out for the Mittagsmenü. A special menu at mid-week lunch time with options starting as little as €6 EUR. Or check out the beer halls for cheap food menus too.

I fell in love with Munich and I will definitely return. The well-known Hofbräuhaus state owned beer hall will always be a fine memory for me. Drinking steins of beer listening to a Bavarian brass band was as traditional as it gets.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★☆
Recommended Days: 2/3


Church of St Peter – Dachau Concentration Camp (Free Entry)Nymphenburg Palace – English Gardens – Viktualienmarkt


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