Las Vegas

Vivaaaaaaaa Las Vegas! Apologies…I get carried away thinking back on the time I spent here. Some people despise Vegas and the artificial scene that thrives here. Usually I can agree with those statements, but Vegas is my acception. I absolutely love this city. I think when you come here, you know it’s all plastic fakeness, built on the backs of laundered mob money, but that’s what gives Vegas its unique character that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world. Yes, the city of sin has won over my heart.

The people that do not like Vegas only focus on the negatives here. There is so much more to Vegas than the strip. People don’t realise that Vegas has a population of over 2 million, so of course this city has more services than glitzy glam hotels and casinos. Here is a list of things to do if the strip does not appeal to you and you fancy some old-fashioned hiking or general sightseeing.

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If you did come to Vegas to explore the city the way, it was intended, then prepare yourself because you are in for a wild time. Hard hitting casinos and make shift weddings echo through the streets here. Despite Vegas’ incredibly lucrative lifestyle and financial status, you can always find a bargain here. Especially thanks to the lack of added tax down here, this makes it a much more budget friendly city than say New York. So no need to worry about accommodation, everything is reasonably priced, and I don’t just mean because it’s Vegas.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★☆
Recommended Days: 5


Tour the famous hotels (Bellagio/Caesars Palace/Mandalay Bay Hotel) – These are my favourite casinos to get lost in and just absorb Vegas in its purest form

The Stratosphere – A hotel on the end of the strip featuring several thrill rides including the highest thrill ride in the world

The Mob Museum – Take a look into Vegas’ old dirty history in a previously used court room for that authentic feel

​Fremont Street – Or more commonly known as ‘Old Vegas’, see the first buildings and casinos that propped up and made Vegas

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