La Paz

Welcome to the highest city in the world (3,500m). If you are planning on flying straight into the La Paz without acclimatising to the altitude before hand, you are going to suffer. If you have prepared for this, than prepare yourself for the madness of La Paz.

Bolivia is my favourite country in the world to visit (aside from Ireland…the favouritsm is killing you right?). From lagoons, deserts, rainforest to party hub central, there is not much in Bolivia that will leave you wanting. Just try to keep up. La Paz is a prime example of Latin America on steroids.

Also with Bolivia being one of the more inexpensive countries in South America, all these thrills it has to offer wont punish you financially. My favourite things to do in La Paz are as listed:

  • Take a Cable Car – This may sound like a cliché, but this cable car is different. Mi Teleferico is the largest cable car network in the world (and expanding). Combine that with views over looking the city in a valley of mountains, it makes it an absolute must
  • Mirador Kili Kili – Head for this viewpoint to take in La Paz in all it’s glory. Take your time and catch your breath. The altitude and steep ascents will catch you out
  • Walk Through the Markets – La Paz has some of the funkiest markets I have seen. Keep an eye out for the Llama fetuses. Yeah you read that right
  • Yungas Road – Test your nerve cycling the notorious ‘Death Road’, it lives up to the name
  • Cholitas Wrestling – Probably the hardest I have laughed in a long time. It’s pure ridiculous women’s ‘wrestling’ but its all just for fun. Do not miss it


An average cost for a hostel dorm will set you back $70 Bolivianos. While the average cost of a meal being $50 BS. So not expensive at all. Although I would recommend cooking your own food as I couldn’t really find any restaurants worth writing home about.

Ultimate Tourist Review:  ★★★★☆
Recommended Days: 4

Valle de la Luna – Plaza Murillo – The Witches’ Market – San Francisco Church


Ttkos – Mongos – Loki Bar


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