Sorry for anyone I am about to offend but I would not recommend Frankfurt to anyone. This was my first ever trip to Germany, and I had such high expectations. I went through a period of being German obsessed; I drove a German car, I watched the German football league, I drank German beer and I even made the (very poor) effort to learn some of the language. Probably setting the bar a little too high for Frankfurt to reach.

My mood was dampened even more so when I landed into Frankfurt Hahn airport, which was the secondary airport. Two hours away from the city. Think of Frankfurt as the financial capital and hub of Germany. Not ideal for tourists and backpackers, yet an essential city for the country. Yet even Wall Street (New York) had more character than here, it’s just typical German efficient with no charisma.


What Frankfurt does make use of though is a cheap gateway into Germany. Flights are inexpensive inbound from other European destinations, so if your budget has been hard done by trying to get into Germany, look into getting there via Frankfurt. While plenty of people have argued this opinion with me, I can not come around to changing my verdict.

Here are some average costs for Frankfurt;

  • Hostel Dorm: €10 – €15 EUR
  • Food: €10 – €15 EUR
  • Pint of Beer: €4 EUR
  • Transportation: €1.80 EUR (one way fare on the metro U-Bahn)
Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★☆☆
Recommended Days: 1/2

The Dom (Frankfurts main cathedral) – Bornheim – Römerberg


Explore the Sachsenhausen region. Many of the best bars and restaurants are here

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