Cusco is my favourite South American town to date, and also one of the nicest places I have visited so far. From travelling up through South America is was clear to see that the financial superiority it held to its neighbours, thanks to the influx of tourists to see Machu Pichu. Don’t let that put you off. The Colonial architecture and sheer amount of things to do and see in Cusco worth the trip.

While Peru is one of the cheaper Latin American coutries you can still take full advantage of this by doing as the locals do. Here are my top 4 budget tips for Cusco;

  1. San Pedro Market: Get an omelette with fries and rice for only 5 sol! This place opens at 5am with every other market opening at 8am
  2. Free Walking Tour: Take the tour through the streets of Cusco, up to Saqsaywaman and see the incredily arranged rock formation (pronounced like ‘sexy woman’)
  3. Taxi: Never pay more than 5 sol for any ity centre taxi ride. Unless you feel like tipping
  4. Bank Withdrawals: BCP and Scotiabank have the best withdrawal prices. Avoid yellow ATM’s and hostels whih have a maximum withdrawal of 700 soles



The small, navigable streets of Cusco will forever win you over, but the hills won’t. If you are just using here as a stop off with only one or two days stay you are truly missing a gem.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★☆
Recommended Days: 4


Sacred Valley – Saqsaywaman – Plaza Regocijo – Explore all the Churches


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