Christchurch is a city I became very familiar with as I stayed there for approximately a month while I considered actually settling in New Zealand, but my passion for globetrotting refuted the idea of building a proverbial nest in a country that is very isolated from the rest of the world…geographically at least.

This was partially the reason for not calling New Zealand home, the other was that I could not see myself living in Christchurch. There was a lack of atmosphere and hustle in the city. Obviously the destruction that the earthquake brought all those years ago still loomed over the urban area, understandably. Most of the Kiwis I met told me I made a huge mistake looking to relocate to Christchurch, and that I should have considered elsewhere in NZ, most suggesting Wellington instead.

If you too are considering visiting Christchurch, be open minded and don’t expect much. Most of the city is still under repair work from the disasters that have stricken this city. The upside to this is that the people here are amazing. The Kiwis have an insatiable lust for the outdoors, I have never met so many people into extreme sports and trekking like the people of New Zealand. Maybe this is the reason for the lack of atmosphere in the city, due to the fact everyone is heading for the rivers and mountains in their spare time.




However as a budget traveller, all the outdoor activities in the world could not compensate for the underwhelming amount of activities in the city. Especially given the huge costs backpackers face when travelling New Zealand.

The average costs of your daily expenses in Christchurch are listed below;

  • Hostel (mixed bed dorm): $30 -$45 NZD
  • Food: Sit Down Restaurant $20 NZD – One Weeks Groceries (+/-) $100 NZD
  • Transportation: $3.20 NZD for 2 hours with one interchange included
  • Beer: $10 NZD and upwards for a pint

A good note to take when’s visiting Christchurch is to book your accommodation in advance, especially if you are visiting at the weekend. Everything books up fast!


The Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★☆☆☆
Recommended Days: 2



Hagley Park – Arts Centre – Antarctic Centre – Canterbury Museum



Smash Palace (my favourite) – Little High Eatery – Fat Eddies

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