My South American Journey

An in depth guide to my South American adventure. Me and some friends spent 7 weeks travelling from the Falkland Islands to Colombia. Crossing through Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Ecudaor mainly by coach. Click here to see a coverage of costs, activities and transportation in Latin America

Cycling Death Road -Bolivia

Yungas Road in Bolivia, or most commonly known as 'Death Road', is one of the more daring adventures in South America. It gets its name from the fact that in 2006, it's estimated that 200-300 people died on this road. While a majority of the road has been modernised and made safe,¬†the original North Yungas... Continue Reading →

3 Days in the Desert – Bolivia

If you are planning on visiting Bolivia, then the chances are you have heard of the 4x4 tour that takes three days to get into Chile¬†(or Chile into Bolivia) via Salar de Uyuni. I would 100% recommend this trip, it was one (if not the best) trip in my life. Three days in the desert... Continue Reading →

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