Planning a Year in Asia

I have just moved to Canada in July 2017, and I plan to stay here for some considerable time. That has not stopped me planning my next big adventure though. I was always some way afraid or nervous to travel through Asia. I was afraid of the food, culture and the amenities. I was afraid I couldn’t mix with the vibe here. Now that I’m older (ahem, wiser) I have a passion to backpack my way across this enormous continent.

I met so many people that travelled through Asia recently, especially women during my stay in South America. I always asked ‘were you not scared doing that on your own?’. Most of them would laugh at me and say ‘what’s to be scared of?’. This suprised me, and spurned me on to challenge myself further.

After hearing a various mix of stories of working in Asia, volunteering, backpacking and just a simple holiday, I decided I want to do a little bit of each. Volunteer in parts, backpack through others, and then pamper myself a little bit in places. Why not?

Picking the destinations and durations next was the hard part. Everyone told me different places to go. Thailand, Japan and India always seemed to be most common countries discussed. So why not all of them? Seriously. So now here I am, a few months later, planning a year in Asia on a tight(ish) budget.

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Starting from the Middle East working my way East, here are the countries, activities and sights I have chosen to hit up when I finally decide to bring myself to do this great adventure (I am aiming to jet set to Asia in the New Year of 2018);


ISRAEL: Tel Aviv – Dead Sea



JORDAN: Petra – Wadi Rum



UAE (United Arab Emirates): Dubai – Sheikh Zayed Mosque



INDIA: All of it! (Possibly buying a rickshaw and driving the full length of India)



SRI LANKA (revised): Visit the National Parks and Buddhist Sites

Sri Lanka


CHINA: Guangxi – Yangshao – Hong Kong – Shanghai – Beijing – Great Wall



Backpack Through South East Asia (5-6 Months); THAILAND – LAOS – CAMBODIA – VIETNAM: Angkor Wat – Bangkok – Island Hopping – Killing Fields – Learn Muay Thai – Ha Long Bay…and more

South East Asia


MALAYSIA: Kuala Lumpur – Penang – Ipoh



SINGAPORE: Explore The City



PHILIPPINES (revised): Manila – Island Hopping – Paoay Church – Diving



SOUTH KOREA: Tour The Capital…Seoul

South Korea


JAPAN: Tokyo – Garden and Palace Sightseeing


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  1. Thank you so much for your input. I have so much to do in that amount of time, but I will seriously consider it. You are not the first person to call me crazy for not including the Philippines!

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