Top 5 Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

“When in Rome do as the Romans do”, well that’s my excuse for hitting up the coffee shops in Amsterdam. From my experience I was not a huge fan of these so-called ”cafés”, I found them too congested and loud. I didn’t get the chilled out vibe that everyone talks about from their experience here. However, there were a few that I did find were a step above the rest though, here are my top 5 coffee shops in Amsterdam:

  1. Coffeshop 1eHulp – The most relaxed atmosphere and the best vibe of all the coffee shops in the capital. An obvious number 1 for me
  2. Katsu Coffeeshop – A bit small and pokey for me, but excellent staff and a friendly crowd
  3. Coffeeshop Best Friends – Two of these coffee shops reside in the capital, I was in the city centre branch and found it to be one the better shops in Amsterdam
  4. Easy Times Coffeeshop – The commfiest sofas of any coffeshop in Amsterdam
  5. Grey Area Coffee Shop – I would put this higher on my list only it’s almost claustrophobic in there


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