When In Banff

If you are lucky enough to be planning a trip to Banff, than you better bring a lot of cash and takes some notes from here. The activities to do here seem to be never-ending. I spent 6 days in Banff and I hardly did justice to the place. If you have not got a car during your stay, hire out some bicycles ($30 – $50/day). It’s the best way to get around, being a lot of the hot spots are a good distance out from the town.

Here is my 7 favourite things to do in Banff:

  1. Gondola ride – Take the amazing (slightly terrifying) ride up to the summit of Sulphur Mountain to experience the Rockies in a whole new way. A whopping $49 CAD if you don’t fancy the never ending walk up
  2. Dog Sledding – Although I have never done this, I will get around to it one day. Available nearly all year round, I’m sure this is something everyone cn enjoy. If you’re willing and able to pay $150 -$200 CAD
  3. Ski – I have not actually skied in Banff (cheaper European options) but again, one day soon. Costing approximately $30/day for a chairlift pass (depending on which mountain) and around $40/day for the basic equipment rental
  4. Canoe Lake Louise – One of most rewarding/tranquil experiences in my life. Take plenty of pictures of the incredible turquoise waters, your friends will think they are edited. Prices for kayaks/canoes per hour are $40 CAD
  5. Bask in the Hot Springs – Take a dip in the naturally heated upper hot spring. Ticking over at a cool 38°C, with excellent views of Mount Rundle. Price is $8 CAD
  6. Walk a Trail – Take a hike you’re on holidays! Tunnel Mountain trail is my favourite
  7. Get Lost – Yep, just go an a random adventure and get lost. Every inch of Banff is as picturesque as the next and who knows, maybe you could stumble across something unknown. Just be careful of the bears! And wolves. And moose. And coyotes. I think that’s all.

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