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Fist of all, don’t assume by looking here you will find the ‘perfect’ credit card here. All of them have their flaws, but in this guide, we will help find you the best credit card suited to you. Credit cards can be a scary word, but if you use them strategically by following these points you can earn some serious rewards. Which will definitely help you on your travels.

Travel credit cards can open doors to earning points for hotels, flights and cash! There is so much competition on the market these days, you can avail to so many bonuses by searching for the right credit card. Follow  these guidelines to unlock your most suitable credit card:


Sign-Up Bonus: 

Many credit cards offer huge bonuses just for signing up! Sometimes a 20,000-50,000 miles bonus will be given to approved members (depending on the minimum spend etc.), so don’t sign up unless you get a large sign up bonus. This can really kick-start your travel adventure.


Minimum Spending: 

Unfortunately, many of these great offers only avail to these packages that have minimum spending. Obviously trying to find a healthy balance of a low minimum spending that includes perks is ideal but not as easy as it sounds. NEVER sign up to any debt you can’t control.


Annual Fees: 

All cards come with annual fees, but who likes paying that? Keep a close eye on these fees, but don’t panic because a lot of these fees can pay for themselves. For example; Sometimes the cost of an annual fee included perks such as free check in baggage. Be sure to check what is included and these fees can be a blessing in disguise if you play it smart. Remember, the more you travel, the better the deal.


Bad Existing Credit Rating: 

Sorry, I don’t have a magic ‘delete history’ button for people with bad credit ratings. Bad credit is going to hurt your chances of getting a good deal on your card, if any at all. Only paying your bills on time can cure this. This may take time, but it’s better to clear your existing debt before taking on more debt.

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