One of my favourite destinations in the world. I have been to Sydney five times now and I will definitely be visiting again in the future. Sydney is famed for its beaches, architecture and wine regions. There is something for everybody here. Oh and don’t make the mistake of confusing here for the capital! That is Canberra.

You will need an absolute minimum of one week in Sydney to get anything done and a bucket of cash. The only reason I could afford to see here was because I was on a working holiday visa. Any backpaker passing through is going to feel the pinch. Here is the average cost of your average expenses in Sydney;

  • Hostel Dorm: $25 – $35 AUD (Check Kings Cross for cheap hostels)
  • Hotels: Anything from $90 – $200 AUD
  • Food: (Take away – $15 AUD) (Restaurant – $25 AUD) (Groceries – $100+ AUD/week)
  • Public Transport: Sydney has ferries, buses and a metro system. I used an Opal card for transport (all methods) to save extra
  • Schooner of Beer (425ml): $710 AUD


from my four tours of Sydney I know some decent budget busting tips for you guys:

  1. Sightsee: Sitting on Bondi beach and letting the hours slip by is incredibly rewarding and totally free. Sydney is just a pretty city, especially down at the rocks. Go for a walk, see the markets, or even go on a free walking tour
  2. Walk Across the Harbour Bridge: I paid $200 AUD to the climb of this bridge, but you can walk across it for free
  3. Free Events: Go online and search ‘Whats on Sydney’ to find free local events
  4. Drink Goon: Oh man the simple times. This is literally a box of ‘bad’ wine that is infamous with backpackers in Sydney. It’s a hard drink, but cheap

I fell in love with Sydney and Im sure you will too. Be preparded for they can be a bit cheeky to tourists. Give as good as you get and they soon beome life long friends.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★★
Recommended Days: 7


Opera House – The Rocks – Darling Harbour – Blue Mountains – Hunter Valley – Visit the Beaches (Bondi and Manly in particular)


A personal favourite watering hole of mine is The Mercantile down at The Rocks. Check out Kings Cross at night time (it’s a lot safer and cleaner than previously), or just head into the CBD



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