The capital of Chile, Santiago. It definitely breaks all the stereotypes of a metropolitan hub in Latin America. The financial dominance it holds over the rest of the continent is clear to see even from leaving the airport.

Possessing the highest building in Latin America, an efficient metro system, a CBD any country would be proud of, and a football ticketing system more advanced than what I am accustomed to in the UK. This all comes with western prices of course. Yeah, Santiago will break all your stereotypical thoughts of South America.

Santiago is also a great gateway to other Chilean destianations that you ould not othereise visit. Vina del Mar and Valparaiso are two beautiful little coastal cties that are only around 2 hours away. Not seeing either of these during your stay will be a regret to carry forever.


The average hostel dorm will set you back around $7,000 CLP, with aslo an average meal costing $5,000 CLP. If you can try bring as much Chilean Pesos with you as possible (that you feel comfortable with). Ridiculous ATM fees and low withdrawal amounts are a combination that the banks are using as a scam for tourists.

Make sure to see the local football team, Colo-Colo, play in action. Intense fans and atmosphere make this a great place to release you inner Latino.

Ultimate Tourist Rating: ★★★☆☆
Recommended Days: 3

Gran Torre – Barrio Bellavista – Bicentenario Park – Santa Lucía Hill


Wait for dusk then head for Barrio Bellavista. This place becomes different are after dark


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