After road tripping and camping for 17 days in the South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown was a breath of fresh air when I arrived. I was travelling with some people I met on Couchsurfing and we were starting to numb of the quaint country side, then came Queenstown, which pulsated a new lease of life into our veins. It’s the South Island on steroids!

Queenstown has all of the amenities for ‘dudes/dudettes”; slopes in the winter for snowboarding and skiing, a picturesque lake for windsurfing and Instagram models, trails for mountainbikes and hikers, canyons for exploring and bungee jumping, and a hip downtown feel that provides excellent nightlife for even people who are too old to call their friends ‘dude’. Queenstown gave us that burst that we needed after living ‘rough’ for the weeks previous, but there is always a catch…the price.

Queenstown is ludicrously overpriced (actually make that New Zealand in general), and accommodation books up months in advance, so this problem isn’t going to change anytime soon.



When planning a trip to Queenstown, you probably have ideas of an adrenaline fuelled weekend, and that’s totally reasonable, but prepared to hit over draught on your credit!

  • Bungee jump costs: $200 NZD approx
  • Skydive costs: $300 NZD approx
  • Helicopter tour (30mins): $300 NZD approx
  • Pint of beer: $10 NZD approx
  • Accommodation: Hotel $150 NZD approxHostel mixed dorm $35 NZD approx. Campsite $20 NZD
  • Food: Sit down restaurant $25 NZD approx. Weekly Groceries $80 NZD approx.

I worked on a building site in Christchurch for 3 weeks to heal some of the wounds New Zealand’s expense had inflicted on me. Most people visiting Down Under tend to do so on working holidays to justify the cost of travelling here.

In saying all of that, Queenstown is genuinely a mad town to visit and I loved it here. You can explore or relax here as much as desired so. With plenty of restaurants, cafes and bars the perfect balance for anyone wanting to see the iconic landscapes of New Zealand awaits here.


Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★★☆ 
Recommended Days: 3/4



Lake Wakatipu – Skyline (with louge) – Hike Ben Lomond – Do something CRAZY! (Skydive, canyon swing…)


Póg Mahones – 1876 – Habana

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