As a rule, Eastern Europe is usually excellent value. With Prague, it is a well visited area especially by stag parties, so you could easily be fooled into paying tourist prices. I stayed in the Old Prague Hostel for €15 EUR/night in a 12 bed mixed dorm, not as cheap as you would imagine. However it was central and clean.

Prague has a population of 1.2million, making it the most populated city in Czech Republic, and I was there for the Easter holidays so there were large crowds, but that meant plenty of food markets and beer stalls, so I could not complain.

For such a small city, there is so much to see, a beautiful scenic city layered with history and fine architecture. According to the Guinness World Recoreds, Prague has the largest castle in the world. All the sights seem to be a nice walking distance, so take your time and do not worry about the public transport. Just walking the old streets here is a treat in itself.


Prague is also a beer fanatics paradise, producing some of the finest brews available in the world and it is pretty darn cheap. For example; drinking Long Island Ice Teas (5 measurements of spirits!) in the Dubliner Irish pub for €3 EUR , you will not break your piggy bank to get a night out here.

A piece of trivia to know is; Czech Republic is changing its name to Czechia, criticism over the countries long name has put pressure on officials to change the country’s name to something more simplistic. This does not seem to be catching on though.
Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★★☆ 
Recommended Days: 3

Charles Bridge – Old Town Square – St. Vitus Cathedral – Prague Castle – Golden Lane – Dancing House – Lennon Wall


Hemingway Bar – Anonymous Bar – Absintherie – Stredoveka Krcma – The Dubliner


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