Paris is a city full of beauty and history. It is also a large city so do not think you will see everything by walking. I was there for four days, my feet were sore from walking, and I still did not see everything I had planned. Use the metro, it is easy to navigate and cheap. Avoid taxis they are very expensive especially after 12am.

Do not be afraid to ask for help either, most Parisians/French are not actually ignorant. Try to speak a little French just to be courteous.

I would not recommend travelling to Paris in the month of August. Most French take the entire month off as holiday/vacation. You have to envy the French here for their dedication to travel, so do not get angry when you see restaurants/museums/cafes closed; it is because the French know how to do holidays.

When you do get hungry, be patient, do not eat at the first random restaurant you see because Paris is expensive. I heard of people paying €5 EUR for a glass of cola and €15 EUR for a pint of beer in Paris…sacré bleu! However, do not sweat it, if you do your research you can eat and drink cheap in Paris too. If you like your beer then look for the Latin Quarter (near Notre Dame) and you can get €4 EUR pints during happy hours. Happy hours can be as long as four hours here so you can do Paris on a budget if you want. Sightseeing does not cost a penny either. A hostel dorm could cost you between €20 and €40 EUR.


Remember to use the toilet when you are leaving a restaurant/bar. Public toilets are hard to come by and when they do they are not free, so be sure to carry some change on you.

A tip for non-smokers; everyone in Paris smokes. After all cigarette is a French word. You cannot avoid it, and while smoking is banned in most public places, just be thoughtful that it is a common recreation here.

All in all Paris has been one of the greatest cities I have ever been to. The architecture is second to none, the selection of bars and restaurants, the off the beaten track walks, Paris has it all. Museum lovers will never leave. Paris truly lives up to its reputation as the romantic city, oozing charisma and stature.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★★☆
Recommended Days: 4/5


Eiffel Tower – Louvre – Sácre Coeur – Musee d’Orsay – Notre Dame – Champs Élysées – Pére Le Chaise Cemetery – Moulin Rouge

Nightlife: ​

Harrys New York Bar – Le Boucan – La Nouvelle Eve – Le Calbar

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