How to Roadtrip for Free

From my experience of travelling, going on a road trip has to be my favourite way of exploring that country. Having the freedom of going anywhere at any given time is far more rewarding and adventurous in contrast to bussing it. The only downside with this is usually the cost.

Campervans and/or car rentals are usually expensive regardless of your destination, although, on a recent trip to Australia I discovered a a way to road trip for FREE that everyone should know.

Relocating vehicles. That’s it. Most rental companies hire out vehicles on a one way basis, and then have to pay ludicrous fees to have their vehicle transported to the rental depot of choice. So this method proves beneficial for both parties; the rental company and the broke rentee (if that’s a word).

Popular destinations for vehicle relocations are the USA and Australia. This is probably due down to the vast and desolate size of the countries. Although New Zealand, Europe and Canada have been slowly coming to the table.

these relocations can be got for as little as 1$/€ a day plus fuel, and even then some are completely free and include fuel allowances! I can personally vouch for this as I relocated a car from Cairns to Brisbane in Australia for free. Before that I would’ve assumed I was being vulnerable to another scam that seem to be abundant online. I will definitely use this method of transportation in the future, maybe even regularly.

The most popular and reliable websites for vehicle relocations that I would recommend are – –

Have a look for yourself and plan ahead. You might even end up panning a holiday around these services like I have. The USA version on provides a 5 berth RV from Chicago to San Francisco for $1 USD per day for 14 days, after that time period you have to pay the full price allocated by the rental company. This will likely be my next adventure in the US.

This is not a scam! Don’t be sceptical and go for it.

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