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Many people are very cautious when it comes to travelling to Africa, then especially South Africa. With a dark history of apartheid and class divisions between races, it’s no wonder people are usually dubious about travelling to such a place. From my own personal experience of Cape Town, I had no trouble (aside from being pick pocketed one). However, I was always extremely cautious.

For me its hard to say if somewhere is ‘safe’ or not, it always comes down to your own experience. Sure, I got pick pocketed for the first time here, but I met tourists who had their backpacks stolen by cyclists in Dublin. Any major city comes with a threat of petty theft to anything else. However in saying that, Cape Town definitely requires your attention, especially after a few beers on Long Street.

I don’t want to give this city a bad write-up because of a simple pick pocketing, as I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life here. There is something about Cape Town that opens yours eyes to the inequality in the world, and how you over see and take your life for granted. Yet in the same place you have some of the worlds finest beaches and scenery. Especially with Table Mountain dominating the landscape.

cape town

Here in Cape Town there is no need to confine yourself to a real backpackers budget. For a major city it is incredibly inexpensive. Just don’t use the buses here, they are chep, but frustrating. Use a cab (for a haggling experience) or Uber to play it safe. Here is a list of your average expenses in Cape Town;

  • Hostel dorm: R250 (high season)
  • Food: R50 (large portion main course)
  • Transport: Uber rides around the city centre R20
  • Pint of Beer: R25

I believe everyone should get out of their comfort zone and take a trip to Cape Town to experience a truly wild city that has so much offer, yet with so little to give.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★☆
Recommended Days: 4/5


Table Mountain – Robin Island – V&A Waterfront – Camps Bay


Go anywhere on Long Street for great bars. Just be mindful late at night


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