Bogotá was a bit of a let down for me, as it wasnt particularly pretty city, nor did it make up for this with any real character. I don’t mind saying this because even the locals of Bogotá questioned my decision to visit this city.

I guess the real reason I visited here was because it gt plenty of mentions in the smash hit tv show Narcos, and because the airport is one of the main gateways in and out of Colombia. Harsh, but true.

If you do happen to see this city, make sure to experience its famous craft beer; (drum roll…) Bogata Craft Beer. One of the more expensive brews, actually in fact it could be even more expensive than a beer in your home country, but I’m a sucker for local produce. especially if it’s a cold one.


I’m not really talking up Bogotá, but that’s simply because I can’t. Use this city as a focal point for getting in/out of the country, and spend a maximum of 2 days exploring here and recovering jet lag.

If you really are looking for an excuse to pass time here, hit up Bolivar square. With some tragic history relating to when the guerilla movement, M-19, raided the government buildings here and destroying convicting evidence of Pablo Escobar.

However I wouldn’t visit anywhere in Colombia just for the sake of the cartel history or other related events. The locals don’t appreciate it and the country of Colombia has so much more to offer than its dark past.

Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★☆☆☆
Recommended Days: 1/2


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