I used to hate Bangkok more than any other destination I visited. The pollution, crowds and traffic, I couldn’t take it. Yet the more I think about it, the more I want to revisit this wild city.

I never gave this a place to start with as soon as I landed, but I have spoken to so many people who were in the same mindset as me, but the longer they stayed the more they loved it. Maybe that’s where I went wrong, I was too young and had too little time to really appreciate it. Bangkok is not know for its activities but more so its wild nightlife and chaotic character.


Here is a list of your average expenses in Bangkok;

  • Hostel Dorm: 200 THB (you can get cheaper but look to stay in around Khao San Road for more bakpackers)
  • Food: Restaurant Meals – 50 THB (Avoid western styled food)
  • Transportation: Public transports day pass 120 THB
  • Pint of Beer: 100 THB

A few useful tips for your stay in Bangkok;

  • Taxi: Make sure they turn the meter on!
  • Tuk tuk: Haggle and agree a price before you ride
  • Haggle: Always!
  • Khao San Road: While it is a hip and fun place with backpackers, avoid drinking here
Ultimate Tourist Rating:  ★★★☆☆ 
Recommended Days: 3/4



Grand Palace – Lumpini Park – Floating Market – Rot Fai Night Market


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