The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. A city famed for its canals, artistic architecture and cannabis friendly coffee shops. The city is well known for its stag/hen parties, but there is more to Amsterdam than the promiscuous character that attaches itself to here. The history alone here can transport you into a different century, from Van Gogh to Anne Frank and so much more.

Don’t just visit Amsterdam to take advantage of its 420 friendly policy. Visit Amsterdam for the history and the culture, it will open your eyes to see what this city really holds true. Don’t get me wrong I still sat in a ‘theatre’ to watch a live sex show (€50 EUR) and tried the notorious brownies that seem to be unavoidable here. Everything in moderation I always say.

​Remember too Amsterdam can be hard on your funds. Especially if you want to hit the nightclubs. I found myself paying anything from €5 to €8 EUR for a pint (568ml) of Heineken in any of the local bars. Considering this is a local brew, its expensive. Regardless being the capital.

Amsterdam Canals

My story is to pick the flowers, and not the weeds in this article (no pun intended). I have created a list of Amsterdam’s top sights and a list of bargain tips to help you stretch that holiday.

  • Accommodation: Roughly €20 EUR and upwards for a hostel dorm that is central. Try getting an Airbnb and share with friends would be my recommendation.
  • Food: Also expensive. I wouldn’t be too concerned for wanting to try local cuisine here, the Dutch can not compete with its neighboring European rivals. I found Wok To Walk to be the most reasonably priced, good food here. If you are able to cook at your accommodation, better again.
  • Drink: Around €7 EUR for a pint. As mentioned before, expensive. Drink in hostel bars for the biggest bargains.
  • Travel: Purchase the I Amsterdam city card. Allowing you access to the much-needed trams available and also free entry to many attractions. (Bus or tram costs €2.90 EUR for a 1-hour pass).
Ultimate Tourist Review: ★★★☆ 
Recommended Days: 3


Nemo Science Museum – Van Gogh Museum – Anne Frank House – Jordaan – Heineken Experience – Singel canal – Red Light District – Sex Museum

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