In 2013 I left Ireland and moved to London, UK, to further my career in the construction industry. 3 years in I began to slowly tire of ‘working for the man’. I was already a keen traveller at this point, but after house sharing with so many mixed nationalities I seen how much travelling they were doing. It made me somewhat envious. How can they afford to do so much?

That is when my attitude changed. I realised I can travel, and on a budget, and the only thing stopping me was me. So I decided to return home to Ireland, hire out a camper van, and rode 3000 kilometres around my small beautiful country. That journey changed my perspective forever. I was free to travel the world and have left no stone unturned at home.

Since you are reading this I know you too want to break into the travel blogging scene and quit the 9-5 job. Or else you just want to know some budget/personal tips for travelling. Either way,  I want you to be a part of this community. I am living proof that travel can be done cheap, and it’s not just a lifestyle for the elite.

It took a long time for me to convince myself to blog. I could never have imagined myself heading in this direction; a social media lifestyle. I hope that through my writing and videos you can witness, and share experiences of this magnificent planet in action. Encouraging you and others to jet set across the globe, dropping prejudices and sharing cultures.

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