5 Realistic Jobs That Allow you to Travel

It’s clear to see that you’re getting serious about your travelling when you are reading this article. The travel bug has bitten you. Thankfully there are jobs in the world that allow for like-minded people.

A prime example of this is when I was working in London. I was getting the train home when I read an article in the paper about this guy who had been working in Antarctica as a tradesman. I couldn’t believe it, so I did some online research as soon as I got home and I seen that not only was it true, but that there was in fact vacancies too.

I applied for the role of a carpenter/builder and I never thought too much about it. Then months passed, and one day I got email inviting me for an interview in that role as part of the Halley VI relocation team with the British Antarctic Survey. The rest is history for me.

Not only did I get the opportunity to work in the most isolated continent in the world, but the gateway into Antarctica was via Cape Town. I got three days in South Africa for absolutely free. It didn’t end there either. The drop off point after Antarctica was the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), thus allowing me to get into South America without the hassle of travelling from Europe. When was I ever realistically going to see the Falklands?

Although this is a an extreme case, it does show if you chase the opportunity and believe in yourself…even the wildest ideas can become a reality. Aim for the stars and you could reach the moon. This is also what convinces me to keep on blogging. I would have laughed at myself a few years ago for thinking I could end up as an independent writer. Why not try though?

Here is a list of realistic jobs that allow you travel whilst earning an income. I learned some insight into these experiences from talking to individuals who have went through these routes;


Bar work

OK so lets start with the most obvious. One of the most popular jobs for travellers, and a pretty easy one to come by. Once your visa is in order and you have some experience behind you then a world of opportunity opens as a bar person. Anti social working hours is the only downer here.



Ski Chalet

This is a job I found that many people have done. Working in ski chalets in the Alps to be more precise. A typical day will see you preparing breakfast and then cleaning up, making a cake and mid-day refreshments for clients to help themselves to, and then preparing the evening meal. Main duties include cleaning, catering and general customer service. You can usually get from 11:00am – 18:00pm free, leaving you with time to practice your snowboarding or skiing.



Teach English

Most countries require that you are certified for this, however, there are those that do not have such restrictions. Although they do pay less. Teaching English in a foreign country is just as rewarding to you as it is to your students, and will allow you to travel the world with inredible ease.




Flight Attendant

This job although while obvious, is not for the faint hearted. Jet setting around the world and spending a night or two in foreign cities does sound like fun, but expect long hours and a crazy lifestyle. Also you will usually need a degree from university or previous experience in customer service. If it still ticks all of your boxes then prepare for an insane amount of fun and plenty of airline disounts!




This job does pay a very handsome figure but requires a lot of hours and high demands. I met a person who worked as a yachtie in Colombia after sailing from Spain. Sounds like an insane adventure right?




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