Cycling Death Road -Bolivia

Yungas Road in Bolivia, or most commonly known as ‘Death Road’, is one of the more daring adventures in South America. It gets its name from the fact that in 2006, it’s estimated that 200-300 people died on this road.

While a majority of the road has been modernised and made safe, the original North Yungas Road has seen an increasing number of adventure travellers cycle it.

I recommend the company Gravity, to do this tour with. For something this dangerous we heard too many stories about companies with non road worthy bikes. Gravity provided up to standard bikes, although the protective clothing had a little retro 1990’s feel to it.




Do not pay over $400 Bs for this tour with any company! The day will start off at 7:30am with collection at your accommodation (providing you are in La Paz). You will get a light breakfast and start the cycle at 10am.

You get around a two-hour cycle on the renovated Yungas road, to get a feel for the bike and be accustomed to cycling at such high altitudes. After the two hours you will be introduced to the real Death road and I can tell you it lives to its name!

You will be bunched in a tight group with other cyclists and never really be able to gain any speed (for the daring) until a long while into the cycle. The longer you cycle, the more everyone spreads out, then it becomes a sensation that you re the only person insane enough to be on this road in the first place.





At the end of the cycle you will be brought to a pool for a swim and a buffet meal is included before they return you to your accommodation for 9pm. If you are brave enough to sign yourself up to cycle Death Road.


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  1. Absolutely incredible – I’ve read and seen a lot about death road, and your photos really does it justice!
    I really hope to visit one day!

    1. Thanks! @RyanC any feedback is a positive for me. I would love to go back to Bolivia, it was one of my favourite places I have ever travelled to

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