Money Saving Tips For Las Vegas

From my experience in the ‘city of sin’; I actually found it quite affordable. However in saying that, Vegas gets the title of sin because of its luring extravagant lifestyle (always associate extravagant with expensive). Here are some tips I learned to help the honest backpacker budget themself;

Public Transport

I found buses here to be worthless. Taking crazy detours from ‘A’ to ‘B’, meaning taxis are essential to use here for getting around. If you have to resolve to taxis make sure to use Uber app as local taxis will break you. Financially and possibly mentally.



I found a few great tips here while I stayed in Vegas on how to save some cash. When it comes to saving money on alcoholic beverages then I am your guy. It’s one of the first things I always look into when I travel because it’s usually the activity that will set you back the most. Simply go to a local drug store (usually 24/7) and buy some beers. Around $3.50 USD for a 710ml/25oz can of beer. After, you simply walk the streets and enter casinos with your opened beverage. Completely legal and saving some serious dollars.



No matter how well you plan it, you will over spend in Vegas. If you do find yourself counting your change, head to the casinos off the strip for cheaper food and drinks. In particular, head to Green Valley Ranch in Henderson. A huge casino in the residential side of Vegas but much cheaper than the casinos on the strip. Do not believe the “drink for free as long as you play the casino machines” that all your friends tell you before you get here. You can get ‘free’ beer here but most casinos require you to have at least $20 USD in the machine to avail of this. Even then, you have to tip the waiter/waitress to entice them to refill your beer. ​



The way I could sum up Vegas is there is more to the city than what you would assume and if you just came to replicate the ‘Hangover’ movie than this place will not let you down. Enjoy, soak it up, but gamble responsibly. It is easy to blow your funds in a single night here.

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