Day Trips From Cancún

If you are planning a visit to Cancún and just want to relax at the resorts, or just party for spring break, well then you are going to waste one of the worlds most amazing destinations. I mean that. There is so much more to do here than people realise. Here are my top 5 favourite day tours from the city:

Chichen Itza:

These Mayan ruins are now one of the modern World 7 wonders. An incredible structure with an equally fascinating story

Cncun day trips


Ik Kil Sinkhole:

You can do this part of your Chichen Itza tour. A sinkhole located around 30 metres below ground level. Bring your swimming outfit!



Underwater Museum:

My favourite excursion in Cancún and not many people even know about it. Go snorkeling/diving to see moulds of real people lie on the sea bed, that produces natural algae enhancing the wildlife in this gulf. An absolute must



Isla Mujeres:

A beautiful island just off the coast, with an ocean full of wildlife




A resort town on the coast. Incredible temples and ruins are here too, and it makes for an excellent overnight stay


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