Cancún On A Budget

Cancún is already a cheap city to visit. Avoiding purchases on the strip is a bonus. Here are my top budget busting tips when you visit this amazing city:


Getting From the Airport to Downtown:

As soon as you walk out of the airport, you are going to be facing an army of taxi drivers, trying to get you into their cab. My advice is to walk straight past them and walk towards the empty carpark straight in front of you, and look for the Ado bus. You can get this bus to downtown for $66 MXN. This takes 25 minutes and I guarantee the taxi is not any faster. Yet the taxi will cost roughly $200 MXN at minimum.


Buses vs. Taxis:

Personally, I always prefer buses than taxis. Regardless of the cost, I find you get a much better experience of the area and its day-to-day living than a taxi. When travelling by bus downtown expect to face speeding, full, HOT buses. A bus from downtown to the hotel strip costs $10 MXN and takes around one hour.


Beers on the Cheap:

If you are carrying light pockets, my suggestion is to head for the Oxxo local stores, purchase your bottled beer there and drink it on the beach. This is legal; just stick to drinking it on the beach. Drinking your beer on the street is frowned upon and probably not legal. ​


Eat Downtown:

It’s a no brainer. Restaurants are cheaper downtown compared to eating on the strip. I got three starters, three main courses, one desert and three juices for just $200 MXN downtown.


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