5 Tips About New York

When visiting New York there are couple of things I wish I knew before I went. Here are my top 5 things that you should know before you go:
1. Tip: 
This is a huge offense and probably illegal to refuse to tip someone while you are here, be it a taxi driver, waiter or anyone, do not forget to TIP him or her.
2. Bar Tabs: 

OK so this can get tricky, in Ireland you pay for your beer as you go, in New York you get a bar tab. I am not a lover of tabs but don’t fall for the tourist trap I did, when you pay as go you sometimes they don’t give your change back, thinking it’s a tip. Just get a tab and tip at the end of the night to prevent this misunderstanding.

3. Jaywalking: 

Us Europeans love to jaywalk, but please do not do this in New York, the last thing you want is to get hit by a speeding taxi or worse, have an over enthusiastic police officer pin you on the hood of his car.

4. Weather: 

The weather here is as changeable as the stock exchange on Wall Street.  We had thunderstorms and 30 degree Celsius heat on the same day in the middle of July, be prepared.

5. Time: 
Add a lengthy amount of time to your sightseeing or just your general getting around. You will be delayed by either traffic or distraction. Also, there is so much to see and do you wouldn’t believe. My personal favourites are; Visiting Ground Zero, getting the boat ride to the Statue of Liberty, going up the Empire State Building (buy the express tickets), and a general walk around Times Square. Enjoy folks and soak up plenty of those American brews on your stay! (Don’t forget to hit Queens, Brooklyn and The Bronx while you are here)

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