Booking Cheap Flights

OK, so I hate it when people ask me “how can you afford to travel?”. I never won the lotto or have fallen into money. The reason I hate that statement so much is because that is what I used to say. Don’t be envious of people who travel, get up and out, and just go for it.

Don’t let people put you off doing anything in life, you will only regret the things you didn’t do in life. So here I am going to put these travel myths to bed, and show everyone that travelling can be done…cheap. Follow these guidelines along with your best judgement, and you will soon too discover that travelling is for everyone;


Comparison Sites: 

Use flight comparison websites to find the cheapest flights for you. Skyscanner and Momondo are two of my favourite flight comparison websites. Allowing you to easily change dates and destinations without causing any headaches.


Travel Agencies: 

Avoid, avoid, avoid. It doesn’t matter how ‘exclusive’ the deal is, it is not a deal. These companies have to make money in order to operate. If you do happen to consult one of these agencies, just take the information/itinerary they give you, then take it home and price it directly through the same way they have. I guarantee you will be able to book it cheaper yourself


Don’t Book Too Early: 

Everyone knows booking in advance can get you a good deal, but what about booking too far in advance? It is proven that booking over 2 months in advance will not save you anything. Booking flights 6-8 weeks in advance seems to offer the best rates online.


Use Your Credit Card: 

Using your credit card to book flights can land you into some sweet rewards. Click here to read more about using your credit card to avail of cheap flights and bonuses.


Be Flexible With Your Dates/Times: 

Obviously everyone wants to travel in the summer months, and the airlines know this. Prices peak during July/August in European destinations due to schools being on holidays etc. Also flying during the week will save you because most people travel at the weekends. Remember, changing your dates by one day can save you hundreds!


Clear Your Cache: 

Yes unfortunately the internet stores information about us when we surf the web, and this means the airline companies know what destinations we want to visit. Ever wonder how Facebook and other websites always feature ads of items were just looking at? Every time you search a destination on an airlines website they will slowly up the price because they know you really want to visit there. Simply clear your cache in your internet history to rid this problem.

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