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My selections are always open to suggestions and debates. Comment your opinion, I always alter my top 5. Here is my top 5 alcoholic beverages from travelling;




#1: GUINNESS (4.1% abv) – IRELAND ★★★★★

OK so hate me, the biased Irishman choosing Guinness as his number one. No favouritsm going on here. I usually wait until I re-visit Ireland to drink a ‘pint of the black stuff’, it’s just not the same anywhere else in the world. Ask any honest Irishman.




#2: HOFBRäU ORIGINAL (5.1% abv) – GERMANY ★★★★★

If any distributor is reading this can you please start exporting this beer immediately? I fell in love with this beer during my stay in Germany. The purest lager I have ever had, and the Germans have a no chemical rule when making the stuff. Not even sugar!



Stella artois

#3: STELLA ARTOIS (5% abv) – BELGIUM ★★★★☆

While this lager has a bad reputation in the UK (associated with football hooligans), I find it the pick of the crop from Belgium’s alcoholic exports. Usually the beverage I stick to when I drink in London because of its widespread availability and crisp taste.



Cristal Beer

#4: CRISTAL (4.9% abv) – CUBA ★★★★☆

My favourite lager while I was in Cuba. I will most certainly be looking out for this beer being distributed around the world soon, thanks to removal of that strict trading embargo with Cuba.



Dos Equ

#5: DOS EQUIS (4.3% abv) – MEXICO ★★★★☆

This lager became internationally recognised by that meme ‘the worlds most interesting man’, and the beer lives true to its stardom. An excellent craft that keeps major breweries like Heineken out of my top 5.

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