Travel With No Money

We have all been there. On the holiday of lifetime, probably a little over enthusiastic on the local cuisine and beverages, and next thing before you know it, your card is reading declined. Panic sets in and now you don’t know where to turn. However all is not doomed. I have listed my best advice here for how to travel with no money, but, I think it is better to travel prepared with no money, than to spontaneously just run out. Research is key. Here are my guidelines to travelling with no money;



This is one of the best tools available to people looking travel for free. Crash on a strangers couch on your travels without spending a penny/cent/dime. However, don’t use this as a way of taking advantage of people’s generosity. You will not go far. Couchsurfing is a community of people who either appreciate travelling, or are avid travellers themselves. If you have never hosted anyone before you will struggle to find a host.

Teach English Abroad: 

While I have not used this myself yet, I have heard many success stories of this method. Especially in Asia. The world is keen to learn English and the language opens up many gateways for travellers.


Another tool that I am not familiar with, but totally credible. It involves working on organic farms for accommodation and board. While there is an expensive sign up fee, everything after that is inclusive.


Get Free Flights: 

Use your credit card or frequent flyers card to avail of free flights around the world. I upgraded my Etihad flight to first class from Abu Dhabi to Dublin for free because I had accumulated enough miles. Click here to read more about how your credit card can save you on flights.


Hitch Hike: 

OK so not a crowd favourite, but it’s always an option.


House Sit:

So there are people out there who want you to mind their home, granting free accommodation. Incredible. Some small favours that come with the agreement may include pet care.



There are some good volunteering groups out there doing good in the world. I would recommend using Work Away. A very reputable crowd, offering meals and accommodation in exchange for doing some honest work.

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